Inserting Notes

Created 21 Mar 2022 05:25, Updated 21 Mar 2022 05:25

This is a side note.

With the Notebook Application, you can insert little side notes, important notes, and more. These appear as boxes like the one to the right to indicate importance, emphasis, or perhaps just something aside. This works a lot like the image include.

Using these notes, you can easily indicate:

  • A side note
  • An important note
  • An urgent note
  • A question or questions
  • An idea
  • A cautionary note

The code used is this:

[[include inc:note

|float lets you select where the note is positioned either to the "left" or "right". Leaving it blank centers the note.

|width lets you define the width of the note. The default is 250 pixels.

|note is the actual text of the note. If you for some reason leave this blank, then the note will simply not render.

Finally, there is |type. There are overall seven types of notes each with a different look so that they are easily distinguished. Therefore, there are only seven words that apply for |type. They are:

  • side
  • important
  • urgent
  • question
  • idea
  • caution
  • personal

NOTE: These seven words MUST be lowercase in order to work.

Here, every type of note will be shown.

This is a side note.

This note is important. It is a different color in order to stand out.

This is an urgent note!

Do you have a question?

This is an idea note. In this type of note, you cannot define float or width. They automatically become "none" and "100%" respectively.

This is a caution note.

You can only see this if you view the source of the page.

The personal note will not appear, but it instead remains hidden in the source of the page. It is similar to making only part of a page private. Try to find the personal note on this page.

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