Note Page Tables

Created 21 Mar 2022 05:25, Updated 21 Mar 2022 05:25

Every page like this one uses a table to display the content of the page and show the subsections attached to the page. The table uses three CSS classes:

  • .tablemain
  • .tablecontent
  • .tablesubsections

These use coding as follows:

    border-top:3px solid #D6C016; 
    margin-top: 1px;
    padding: 4px 4px 0 0;
    background-color: #FFF;
    width: 150px; 
    border-left: 3px solid #D6C016; 

.tablemain pertains to the entire table as a whole. .tablecontent refers to the content box of the notes. That is the white container that holds this very text. .tablesubsections controls the right side bar that holds the subsection detail.

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