Getting Started

Created 21 Mar 2022 05:25, Updated 21 Mar 2022 05:25

Before you begin, there are a couple of things you need to know about the Notebook Application. This page includes the basics of where things are and what things do.

The main page, the default page being notebook:_main, displays the super-categories of notes. That is, it lists all of the main sections which are not a part of another section. The list is automatically in order of the most recently created on top going down to the oldest section. The page also contains an "Unfiled Notes" section. We'll get to that in a little bit.

On the top of the page is the box for creating a section. Simply type in the title of the section and press "Add Section". That will create a main section to be listed on the main page. Don't worry about updating the main page because it will automatically list the section for you!

Every section page looks about the same, like this page. Above the text are the sections that the page belongs to and the dates when the page was created and updated. On the left side are the actual notes that you take. On the right are the subsections for that page. On the bottom is the edit button and other page options you can use to form your page.

To add a subsection for a page, simple type in the name of the subsection in the box on the right side of the page. The page will automatically list itself under its parent section. A page can have an unlimited number of subsections!

The sections and subsections are connected by parenting. In the page options on the bottom is a button of Parent which is the page that the subsection belongs to. If for some reason a page has no parent and the system cannot sort it anywhere, it will be placed under the "Unfiled Notes" section on the main page. You can use the parenting in order to resort pages. This will be discussed on a separate page.

Finally, there is the temporary notes. By default, the temporary notes appear on the far right hand of the screen on the post it note. All temporary notes are placed there. To add a temporary note, simply use the box on the far right hand bar.

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