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Tags are keywords that describe a certain page. You are able to define what tags a page has by pressing on "Tags" in the page options below. This page uses the tags of "tags", "tutorial", and "private". Tags are used by the search engine in order to find pages, and on the far right side bar, you can click on a tag to pull up pages with that tag.

Tags are used to make a page private and to delete a page. Making a page private means making it so that anything written on the page no longer shows. Subsections will still be listed, but the content is safe. To make a page private, simply click on the "Privatize" button under Options on the right. There is a subsection showing an example of a private page. You can always unprivatize a page.

To delete a page, simply click "Delete" under the options. The page will still exist, but it will no longer be listed and its content will not show. You can always undelete a page if you can find it or employ Wikidot's more permanent deletion methods if necessary.

Private Page
Created 21 Mar 2022 05:25
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Private Page

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